You Need Customize Solutions

When creating a Digital Menu Boards, there are two main options – custom design Digital Menu Boards and Digital Menu Boards templates. There are many advantages to having a custom Digital Menu Boards design over Digital Menu Boards templates:

Cheaper Than SaaS – More Features Than Templates

The costs associated with developing custom Digital Menu Boards for your restaurant, fast food are lower than SaaS based or lifetime free based.

Custom design Digital Menu Boards built in accordance to your requirements from the very beginning, there will be more accurate representation of your business it will have a customized high graphics and color combinations that are unique to your company.

The Next Generation Digital Menu Boards For Restaurant.

Info Midwest Technology, Inc. a nationwide provider of Digital Signage solutions proudly introducing new technology “Next Generation Digital Menu Boards” solutions to the all sizes of restaurant and fast food. We offers a wide range of digital menu boards designing with amazing possibilities to our customers, take real advantages of rich, meaningful digital menu boards experience with Google ready.

Customer Benefits

  • NO subscription based solution with 100% of your ownership
  • Connect unlimited TV to the unlimited locations, NO license required
  • Countless features you can add, Manage all locations from one place
  • Install software on UNLIMITED signage player hardware
  • Display food menu, animation, news, weather, picture slider and much more on digital menu boards

The designs are spot on and the strategies from Signature mean we have been able to increase sales of some products by 63%. It's because of Signature and their unique understanding that the menus are expected to pay for themselves in one

For quick-serve restaurants looking to boost sales and create a superior dining experience, Our range of digital menu board solutions will meet your needs and budget.

Standard solutions

Christie offers display solutions to fulfill all your digital menu board requirements – from high-definition LCD flat-panel displays, LED tiles​ and mounting hardware, to an entire range ofimage processing and playback solutions. Images look sharp and your digital menu boards compliment the ambience and design of your restaurant.

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie Managed Services will team up with you to design, build, deploy and support a customized digital menu board display that’s right for you and within your budget.

Our team of consultants meet with you to understand the specific goals and budget of your digital menu board system. Christie, along with its established digital signage partners, then provides design drawings that include suggested displays, mounting hardware, video, audio players and additional components such as interactivity if needed, for a fully integrated system. To ensure trouble-free operation and on-time installation, Christie builds and tests your digital menu board as a complete system before deploying to your location. Once installed, our Managed Services will monitor your digital menu board, ensuring it’s maintained and supported 24/7.

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that’s right for you and within your budget.

Restaurant (Ipad ! tres important...)

According to an article from Bloomberg Businessweek and Vanessa Wong in 2013, Ziosk was already seeing an impressive 20 percent increase in appetizer sales and a 30 percent increase in dessert sales. This increase in sales meant bigger checks and bigger tips. With default settings like suggested tipping percentages – as seen in cabs – customers are prompted to actively select the tip amount, leaving both the customer and wait staff happy.

Imagine a peaceful night out with entertainment, speedy service and no interruptions – in-restaurant tablet and iPad kiosks are making this dream a reality. The fact is, if tablets can increase sales and create a more efficient atmosphere within an industry that is always looking to increase revenue and productivity, what other sectors will follow? The potential for more restaurants to take hold of this trend and adopt their own digital strategy is infinite.

Restaurants are increasingly using tablet and iPad display stands to enhance the customer experience. Patrons are able to customize and place an order, find nutritional information or allergy warnings, and check out the latest promotional offers – all without being rushed to order before they’re ready. Additionally, tablet enclosures being used to display interactive games and leisure like in McDonald’s restaurants provide family entertainment that can improve the dining experience, not hinder it..

However, it’s not only customers but also restaurant managers and wait staff that benefit from the quick and easy-to-use tablet interface. Cutting costs on paper, digital menus can be updated more frequently and include extra food options.