Cellphone Lockers

Lock Type IC card operator or password lock
Overall Dimension H580XW680XD230mm
Each door size H120XW220XD190mm
Package size/volume W745XH680XD340mm/0.18 cbm
Usage Iphone series, android phone and other micro USB phone
Material Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Color Orange and gray
Structure Overall Welding
Steel Plate Thickness 0.8mm
Type Electric
Input AC 110V-220V (adjustable)
Output DC 5V, 0.5-2.1A
Certificate CE


Phone charging locker

According to password designed by customers’ preference to store the personal packages. Security level is high.

Power outage protection: The password information will not drop even emergency such as the power is off.

Any door of single cell opened abnormally, the system will auto-alarm to increase the security.


No need to use keys

  • Mechanical structure, can bear quite poor external environment, can be widely used.
  • Easy to operate, takes short time to unlock, the average time to unlock is about 15 seconds.
  • Large amount of actual password, high security performance, almost ZERO probability to test to open.
  • Simple construction, solid and reliable.
  • Administrator lock is available in case password is forgotten and make it easy to clear.