Power bank station

Super Suitable for Hotel Lobby, Leisure Club, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Lounge, Service Centre, Waiting Room, Saloon, Gym Room, Branches Business, Tourist Attraction Place, Airport, Super Market, Retail Shop, EVEN THE FAMILY

At an event and out of battery? No power bank or spare battery, no charger or nowhere to plug in a charger?
Tower of power comes to the rescue – and is ready wherever consumers might need power.
The platform input 12V 6A ,it is rapid to charge 10pcs disks.4 hours can be full charged.So it is convenient to charge.What’s more ,there is a light for the indication if the disk is full charged.Red light means charging,blue light mean charged.


  • Suitable for hotels, restaurants, massage parlours, barber shops, coffee shops, gyms, schools etc.
  • With 1pc power adapter, output 5V/1.5A, full charged the iphone in 2.5 hours.
  • Each power bank holds 5000mAh on a full charge, that’s enough to charge most smartphone twice as your need without being plugged into a wall.
  • Can be separated 6 units power banks, charge 6 mobile phones at the same time.


  • This restuarant advertising power banks with 8pcs 4000mAh built-in Micro USB and for iPhone 5/6 cable, 5V/2A output Li-polymer power bank for charging 8pcs device at the same time.
  • With Rubber oil for the body
  • With 4 LED position for advertising displaying
  • Color can be customized, with CE, FCC, ROHS, UL, SAA, KCC, PSE certification
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc


  • Suitable for hotels, restaurants, massage parlours, barber shops, coffee shops, gyms, schools etc.
  • Recharge & Storage 12pcs power bank, power output 5V/1.5A * 2 cables
  • Overcharge & Short-circuit protection
  • Battery capacity optional: 5000mAh, 10000mAh as you need
  • Can charge 2 devices simultaneously.


Cell Phone Charging Station

The perfect charging station for high-traffic, high-visibility areas. Its tall frame fits 35 sq. ft. of brandable space into just a 12″ footprint.

12 charging cords
Compatible with all major devices and powers up to 18 devices at a time.
Mobile device data security
We’ve removed the data wire from our cables for 100% secure connections.
We’ll help design custom branding for your Classic for free.
Light, strong and easy to move
The Classic weighs only 73lbs, making it easy for one person to move.
Rapid charge technology
Charges a phone battery on average 33% faster while using 25% less energy.
Generate revenue
Turn into a revenue stream while giving sponsors the visibility they demand.

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Multiple Tablets Charging Station

  • Easily charge up to eight USB tablet or phone devices right on your desktop with the compact and attractive iTeach Desktop Sync/Charger.
  • Controlled power management knows which devices need more power, helping to extend battery life and saving energy. Includes four charge indicators and on/ off power switch.
  • Charge up to eight devices with one power cord to the wall. Unit works with most tablets and other devices that are charged via USB.
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Cell Phone & Tablet Lockers

Cell Phone Lockers Provide A Convenient, Secure, Space Saving Solution For Storing Electronic Devices And Personal Items Safely.
The perfect storage unit for mobile phones, wallets and other small personal items. The Mobile Phone Locker is designed to fit most modern mobile phones including larger smartphones.
Secure steel locker loop resists being cut or jimmied open. Designed to be secured closed with an appropriate padlock for maximum security. Optional padlock available.
Available in a range of colors to suit your environment. Optional wedge-top hood and kicker base. Optional USB charging ports.

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