Secure iPad Enclosure Lock

iPad Stand & Lock


Compatible with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad and iPad AirThe iPad Stand & Lock has no negative impact on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal strength.Your iPad can be plugged in and charging while mounted inside the iPad Stand enclosure.

Convenient and Secure

The iPad Stand & Lock offers the convenience of a stand. It is also very secure. The cable is made with multiple stands of aircraft quality galvanized steel.

iPad Stand Installs In Minutes

Secure your iPad in minutes. Detailed instructions for the iPad Stand are included.

360 Rotation

The pop-out stand in the back of the kiosk can rotate 360 degrees. This device can securely be moved, rotated or passed between users.


Cable Material – Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating

Cable Length – 72”

Cable Color – Dark Translucent